Conversations with the Coach

Looking back on the season with Eastern Conference winning Coach Tim Oswald.

With the season drawing to a close Coach Oswald took some time out to reflect upon some of the key issues which defined one of the most succesful periods in Ocean City History. 


On the Mid-Atlantic Division:

"It's hard to say that the Mid-Atlantic Division is the best PDL division in the country because we do not get a chance to see every team play across the country live or on video, but it is safe to say that we were the only division in the country that had 2 teams advance to the 3rd Round of the US Open Cup before losing to an MLS team...and that speaks volumes about the rich talent found in this division.  The race to win the division championships was one of the closest in the country and it came down to the very end of the season.  To win the league in back to back fashion was an impressive accomplishment for our club as it's always hard to defend a crown.  With a regular season record of 24-5-1 over the past 2 seasons (only Thunder Bay Chill has won more regular season matches in the past 2 seasons with 25 wins), we will clearly chase a 3-PEAT next summer.  With 4 teams playing in the 2014 US Open Cup (most of any division in the country post 2013 results), it will be even tougher next year to continue our run."


On the Eastern Conference Playoffs and PDL Final 4:

"After winning the division last year and finishing 13-3, we bailed out early in the playoffs and had so much to prove this year with many of the same guys that played in 2012.  We didn't disappoint at home with a 10 men performance for 60 min against Carolina and a big win over Ottawa who knocked us out last year.  Ottawa had been knocking on the Final 4 door each of the past few seasons and I was thrilled that we were able to pull it off ourselves.  The Final 4 was a tremendous atmosphere and environment for our players.  The Aztex run a fantastic event and brought out the best in what the PDL has to offer its players and fans.  We were honored to participate and hope we can get back there again." 


On the club:

"It takes an incredible amount of passion and energy to run a PDL franchise...from the budget, to recruiting, to paperwork, to scheduling, to traveling.  Our organization, specifically those in the front office, do a great job of helping the coaching staff manage those details off the field so that we can focus on building the team with the talent that we have recruited and putting the right product on the field for our fans.  A special thanks goes to Dan, Neil, Steve, Jen, the rest of the JPS staff and John Granese, known as "El Presidente".  It was a great experience for us to celebrate the wins that we had this year and the pride shown in seeing us compete in the PDL Final 4 was apparent.  It was a win win for the whole organization and showed as that as a management team, we can operate with the best around."


On 2014 goals:

"We plan to bring back an incredible nucleus from this year's group and to add some additional special pieces that will help us not only match this year's performance, but top it.  The ultimate goal is always a national championship and we are taking the steps to one day make that a reality.  We hope to increase our fan base and not just sustain, but continue to build the OC Nor'Easters brand into one of the elite in all of PDL.  I feel we are on our way to that, but we have to stay grounded in our approach and effort to maintain what we are creating here.  OCNJ is a special place and this has become quite the special organization."

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